The Intervention

The Intervention Matt Hirsch is writer who has lost faith in the power of writing. Lately he's been thinking of ending it all. He's not quite suicidal yet, but with a little practice the thinks he can get there.

Nothing is particularly wrong with his life, but then nothing is particularly right either. He believes if he only had a gun, he would have used it by now. But when a botched-up hold-up outside a strip club unexpectedly puts a gun in Matt's hands, he learns that killing himself is not that easy - especially when one has house guests!

Matt's parents are visiting for the weekend and pose a string of comedic complications that keep Matt from meeting his maker. When Matt's parents learn of his plans to kill himself, they stage an intervention, but they accidentally invite all the wrong people!


CastJamie Harris, Alison Eastwood, Phil Lamarr, Bruce Glover, Chad Lowe
DirectorGlen Freyer
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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