Accelerator: Road Rage

Accelerator: Road Rage From director Sidney J.Furie (''The Range''; ''V.I.P''; ''Pensacola: Wings of Gold''; ''Iron Eagle IV'') comes this dual to the death between an angry trucker and an innocent couple out on a friday night date. Casper van Dien (''Starship Troopers''; ''Sleepy Hollow''; ''The Time Shifters'') stars as Jim Travis, the campus outcast who manages to get a date with the campus queen, Sonia.

But on the way to her home, things go disastrously wrong when Jim swerves to avoid a pothole and narrowly misses colliding with a truck illegally overtaking him on the right. The truck driver and his two passengers, hidden behind darkly tinted windows, take offence and so begins a tense, deadly, cat-and-mouse game that will only end when one of the two vehicles is off the road... permanently...


CastCasper van Dien, Danielle Brett, Joseph Griffin
DirectorSydney J.Furie
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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