Kiss Or Kill

Kiss Or Kill From acclaimed writer-director Bill Bennett (''Spider and Rose''; ''In a Savage Land'') comes a thriller that took the American and UK critics by storm. Nikki (Frances O'Connor - '' Mansfield Park''; ''Sharks Bay''; ''Love and Other Catastrophes'') and Al (Matt Day - ''Water Rats''; ''Muriel's Wedding'') are lovers and smalltime scammers.

When a routine job goes badly wrong, leaving a dead man in a hotel room, they decide to head West across the barren Hullarbor Plain. With the cops on their trail, they overnight at a motel. Next morning, the motel owner is dead - murdered. Fleeing further into the desert, the two suspects are given shelter by an eccentric couple at their isolated shack. By morning, they, too, are dead.

Nikki and Al begin to suspect each other, and they start to learn things about each other that they wished they never knew...


CastFrances O'Connor, Matt Day, Chris Haywood, Barry Otto, Andrew S.Gilbert, Barry Langrishe
DirectorBill Bennett
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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