Eighteen Shades of Dust

Eighteen Shades of Dust The streets of New City act as the backdrop for this gritty true-to-life mob thriller, where trust and respect are taught but are never counted on. Vincent Dianni (Danny Aiello- ''2 Days in the Valley'', ''Moonstruck'' and T.V.'s ''Dellaventura'') spent most of his life working as a hit man for Don Cucci.

Recently, somebody ratted on the Don and the Feds put him away for life. Word on the street has it that the rat's name was Brancato but no one knows for sure. Vincent takes the Don's arrest in stride, as he is ready to retire. When Mr. Joseph takes over as the Family's new Don, it is clear that everybody on the streets, except Tommy Cucci (William Forsythe- ''Firestorm'', ''The Rock''), Don Cucci's son and Vincent have disregarded the old boss.

Word travels quickly when Matty ''The Horse'' Brancato comes in from Boston on ''Family Business'', Mr. Joseph asks Jimmy ''The Pope'' (Larry Romano- ''Thin Red Line'', ''Lock-Up'') to make sure that Matty is treated like royalty. But when Tommy crosses paths with Brancato he insults the visitor. The plot thickens as the twists and turns of Vincent's story unravels before our eyes.

16 No persons under 16
87 minutes


CastDanny Aiello, William Forsythe, Polly Draper
DirectorDanny Aiello III
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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