Dead Silent

Dead Silent An innocent young girl holds the deadly secret to an intricate game of espionage in the intriguing thriller, ''Dead Silent''.

On the night of her bithday, young Amanda Meyer is suddenly wakened from her sleep by the sound of gunshots in her home. Amanda scrambles out of bed just in time to safely hide from the armed men who invade her room. After the frightening strangers leave the house without finding her, the traumatic discovery of ther murdered parents immediately renders Amanda mute.

Lieutenant Sam Waldron digs deeper into the case, the discovers that Amanda's parents stole a valuable microchip worth billions of dollars, and becomes concerned for the child's safety, fearing that she may hold the clue to its whereabouts -- and the killers will use her to find it. With time against them, the killers abduct Amanda and refuse to release her until they have the priceless microchip. Not knowing who to trust or where to turn, Julia attempts to locate the prized possession and rescue Amanda before they both fall victim to this highly sophisticated crime.


CastRob Lowe, Catherine Mary Stewart, Larry Day, Mark Camacho, Allen Altman, Sean Devine
DirectorRoger Gardinal
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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