Essex Boys

Essex Boys Billy Reynolds (Charlie Creed-Miles) is an Essex ''wide-boy''. Young, good-looking (or handsome enough to get by), he's willing to make money however he can -- although driving for the local mini-cab firm will never make him rich.

He's done some jobs before for John Dyke (Tom Wilkinson) -- a local well-to-do gentleman with a dubious past -- mainly delivering parcels with no questions asked. He's only too delighted to help Dyke for a couple of days driving one of the most famous local villains, Janson Locke (Sean Bean), who's just got out of prison. He soon realises that this will be no ordinary driving job when Locke immediately visits one of his erstwhile ''colleagues'' to settle an old score.

In a rabidly violent attack Locke beats the man to the ground and throws acid in his face, before abducting him and leaving him in the middle of nowhere. Still, at least Jason likes Billy! Billy's girlfriend Nicole isn't so sure about his new employer, and warns him about being sucked into the glamourous world of violence and organised crime.


CastSean Bean, Alex Kingston, Charlie Creed-Miles, Tom Wilkonson, Larry Lamb
DirectorTerry Winsor
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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