Black Friday

Black Friday Black Friday is the latest feature film starring action superstar Gary Daniels. Dean Campbell (Gary Daniels) is a high powered attorney who comes home from the office to find his world falling apart.

Nuclear terrorists have escaped from the U.S. Government and are holding Dean's home and family for ransom. CCO (Central Chemical Operations) Agents have surrounded the house and need Dean's help to show the layout of his custom build mansion. With little time remaining, Dean must choose between helping the Government he does not trust and saving his family on his own terms.

The clock is ticking for the government who must decide whether or not to negotiate with the terrorists or destroy the entire house from the air, killing the terrorists and Dean's family at the same time.


CastGary Daniels, Christopher J. Stapleton, Ryan Kos, Christopher Janney, Markus Botnick, Larry Bagby, Matt Reithmayr, Paul Gunning
DirectorDarren Doane
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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