Ping! He's smart, short and good-looking - he's PING, a homeless Chihuahua in the pound who dreams of living in a cozy house with a happy family. Ping is about to be sent to doggy heaven when he is adopted by Ethel (Shirley Jones) a hip grandmother who, without her glasses on, thinks Ping is a cat.

Ping's new owner is in trouble with the IRS over the income from her chain of cash-only bakeries but, as she tells the reporters covering the case, it's her business if she wants to keep her cash under her mattress instead of a bank.

Unfortunately the news story is seen by two small-time crooks, Louie (Judge Reinhold - ''Beverly Hills Cop''; ''Ruthless People'') and Stu (Clint Howard - ''Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me''; ''The Waterboy''). When the robbers come a' callin' to relieve Ethel of her cash, it's Ping to the rescue!


CastJudge Reinhold, Clint Howard, Shirley Jones
DirectorChris Baugh
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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