Bad City Blues

Bad City Blues In the aftermath of a violent bank robbery, EUGENE GRIMES (Michael Massee ''Seven'', ''Amistad'', ''Lost Highway''), a New Orleans doctor, wakes in the middle of the night to find an unconscious woman, CALLIE CARTER (Judith Hoag ''Armageddon'', ''Cadillac Man''), with a bullet in her neck and a case containing two million dollars mysteriously placed on his doorstep. Drawn into a maze of betrayal, killing and revenge by CALLIE and her partner in crime, LUTHER LOGAN (Jim Mezler ''L.A. Confidential'', ''One False Move''), GRIMES finds himself forced into a psychological death-match with Bad City's most vicious law enforcer: Police Captain CLARENCE JEFFERSON (Michael McGrady ''The Babe'', ''The Thin Red Line'').

GRIMES, although being generally a man of great courage and compassion, is haunted by his hatred for LUTHER, who had betrayed him many years ago. As the gritty story set in the steamy city of New Orleans unfolds, the psychological power plays escalate to a final confrontation between GRIMES, JEFFERSON and LOGAN, displaying the insanity of hatred... and the power of forgiveness.


CastDennis Hopper, Michael Massee, Judith Hoag, Michael McGrady, Jim Metzler, Simon Billig
DirectorMichael Stevens
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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