Newsbreak! John McNamara is a reporter for the sensationalist Metro Examiner Newspaper. His arrogant and reckless reporting has recently gotten him into a lot of heat and may soon cost him his job. John in on his last legs with the paper when fellow reporter Daryl Freed turns up missing.

John begins investigating and soon finds himself in a story that could destroy his relationship with his father, Judge Patrick McNamara, and the careers of politicians citywide. Recently retired, Judge McNamara is a legal giant with an impeccable reputation. But John questions that reputation when he discovers that the Judge has sided with the CCU in legal cases over the years.

In the fast-paced media world, truth doesn't always matter, and the wrong story can kill.


CastMichael Rooker, Judge Renhold, Robert Culp, Kelly Preston, Noelle Parker, Kim Darby
DirectorSerge Rodnunsky
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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