Mumford From Academy Award-nominated writer/director Lawrence Kasdan )Body Heat, The Big Chill) comes this endearing romantic comedy with a charming ensemble cast

Set in the idyllic town of Mumford, the inventive story revolves around a local psychologist, curiously named Dr. Mumford (Loren Dean, Enemy Of the State). His no-nonsense approach to therapy and his uncanny insights into the human condition have made Dr. Mumford somewhat of a hero with the quirky locals, almost all of whom are in his care.

While he's the caretaker of town secrets, no one realizes Dr. Mumford has a whopper of his own. Not until he begins treating the beautiful and troubled Sofie Crisp (Hope Davis, Arlington Road) does Dr. Mumford start to reexamine his own past. Meanwhile, a hilarious sequence of events involving his patients threatens to expose the truth and tear him away from Sofie forever.

The top-notch supporting cast includes Ted Danson (Saving Private Ryan), Martin Short (Father Of The Bride), Mary McDonnell (Independence Day), Jason Lee (Dogma) and Alfre Woodard (Down In The Delta). MUMFORD is a delightful comedy that provides perfect therapy for everyday life!


CastHope Davis, Loren Dean, Jason Lee, Mary McDonnell, David Paymer, Martin Short, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Alfre Woodard
DirectorLawrence Kasdan
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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