Submerged A commercial flight takes off from Hawaii with a deadly military secret on board. In an attempt to gain control of the new technology, terrorists take control of the plane and deliberately crash it into the ocean. With the craft resting on the ocean floor, it is easy prey for divers to board, kill all the passengers and steal the device.

Only a daring rescue attempt by the Navy Seals, lead by Mack Taylor, can prevent a military armageddon!

Featuring rap star Coolio (''Judgment Day''), Maxwell Caulfied (''Empire Records'', Dance With Death'') and Dennis Weaver (''Lonesome Dove'')


CastCoolio, Dennis Weaver, Fred Williamson, Brent Huff, Nicole Eggert, Maxwell Caulfield
DirectorEd Raymond
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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