Baby Bedlam

Baby Bedlam When Brad's sister Becky gets a dream job babysitting for basketball star Mo Jackson, he can't stop himself from pulling a practical joke on his sister by pretending to kidnap Little Mo. Brad and his friends hide the baby in one of the many cars in the garage and wait for the fun to begin.

But, the boys get more than they bargained for when Jack, a decent guy down on his luck and in debt to a ruthless loanshark, steals the very car Little Mo is in.

Brad and his friends track Jack to a local motel and come to the conclusion that the reluctant thief did not intend to steal Little Mo. In a comical and chaotic series of events, the boys team up with Jack as they scramble to save the baby from the loanshark intent on holding the infant for ransom and rush to get Little Mo safely back home before Brad's mother finds out!

pg Parental Guidance
82 minutes


CastJoe Piscopo, Julie Hagerty, Reggie Theus, Jake Dinwiddie, Robert Bailey, JR, Jacob Franchek, Alessandra Torenson, Robert Costanzo
DirectorEric Hendershot
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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