Up At The Villa

Up At The Villa Mary Panton (Kristin Thomas), beautiful, and widowed too young, is visiting friends among the ex-patriated in pre-war Tuscany. When an old friend, Sir Edgar Swift (James Fox), arrives to propose to her, Mary is neither surprised or displeased. Despite the difference in their ages and her own lack of passion, he is an elegant and reliable conquest and she looks forward to the stability and comfort of life with him in India where he is to be the Governor of Bengal.

Nevertheless, she asks Sir Edgar to return for her answer in a few days time. At a dinner party hosted by the Princess, Mary is admired by the local Fascist leader, Beppino Leopardi (Massimo Ghini), but his attentions fail to impress her. She is, however, intrigued by a newly-arrived American visitor, Rowley Flint (Sean Penn) whose dishevelled charms are seductive despite being well practiced.

Driving home alone, she encounters Karl (Jeremy Davies) the young violinist from that evening's dinner whose vulnerability has touched her. On a whim, she invites him up to the borrowed villa in which she is staying. In a spirit of pure compassion and generosity, she takes him to her bed for one night only. She is horrified when, the following night, he re-appears in her bedroom with a passionate declaration of love, having completely misunderstood her intentions. When she rejects him, his confusion and rage become menacing. Mary pulls out Sir Edgar's revolver to defend herself but, in despair, Karl turns the gun on himself and dies.

pg Parental Guidance
115 minutes

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CastKristin Scott Thomas, Sean Penn, James Fox, Jeremy Davies, Derek Jacobi, Massimo Chini
DirectorPhilip Haas
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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