Tiger Claws III

Tiger Claws III Action and high-flying martial arts explode across the screen in Tiger Claws III. Police Detectives Richards (Jalal Merhi -- Expect No Mercy, Talons Of The Eagle) and Masterson (martial arts superstar Cynthia Rothrock -- China O'Brien, Righting Wrongs) encounter an ancient evil force, the spirits of three Chinese Master Killers re-awakened to wreak havoc on modern day New York.

The Masters fall under the control of a criminal gang boss (Loren Avadon -- King Of The Kickboxers, No Retreat, No Surrender II), and Richard is all that stands in his way. Richards must master the forbidden Black Tiger style, taught to him by an ancient master if he is to defeat both the crimelord and the invincible Three Masters.


CastCynthia Rothrock, Jalal Merhi, Loren Avendon
DirectorJ.Stephen Maunder
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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