Free Fall

Free Fall A commercial airliner freefalls from 35,000 feet -- is it an accident, or is it sabotage?

Only one woman knows and she may not live to reveal the truth in ''Freefall'', a high-flying, action-adventure. Renee Brennan (Smith), a top investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, initiates an extensive probe at the debris-ridden site of a destroyed commercial aircraft to uncover the cause of the disaster.

Also on the case is Mark Ettinger (Boxleitner), a Federal Aviation agent who just happens to be Renee's boyfriend, and FBI agent Scott Wallace (Wentworth). Suspecting that the saboteur has a personal interest in the case, Renee begins a thorough investigation, leading her to a man with a motive, Michael Ives, the husband of the first doomed flight's pilot.

Ives has concocted an intricate plot to avenge the life and name of his wrongfully accused wife. Now with precious time ticking away, Renee and Wallace must fight to find Ives and end the senseless trail of destruction before he completes his harrowing quest for retribution!


CastJaclyn Smith, Bruce Boxleitner, Chad Everett, Hannes Jaenicke, Scott Wentworth
DirectorMario Azzopardi
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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