Crash Point Zero

Crash Point Zero The Concorde jet was set for take-off, but today's flight from Paris would be anything but normal. Just before departure, a squadron of military police enter the aircraft and remove all stewards and passengers. In their place, a dozen of Europe's top scientists board the supersonic carrier; accompanied by guards protecting a small lead-lined box.

Within minutes, the plane is airborne -- headed for an undisclosed destination.. Then, as they enter U.S. airspace on the polar route, the unexpected occurs... a team of masked gunmen emerge from the hold and hijack the plane in flight.

During a furious gun battle, the hijackers are killed -- but not before the craft's hydraulic maneuvering system is severely damaged. Forced to make an emergency landing, the mammoth craft crashes headlong into the snow-covered mountains of Alaska. It is from there that the remaining few passengers must fend for survival. Those spared serious injury strike out in different directions in search of help. Those left behind face starvation, freezing cold temperatures and savage attacks from wild beasts. CRASH POINT ZERO takes ''disaster'' to new realms of raw, nerve shattering adventure.


DirectorJay Andrews
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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