Monsoon U.S. Naval Officer Kenneth Blake (Richard Tyson) and his fiancée Sally Stephens (Jenny McShane) travel to a seaside resort on the west coast of India for a peaceful vacation but all goes awry when he begins an affair with the beautiful and mysterious Leela (Helen Brodie).

She tells him, to his amazement and initial disbelief, that they are the resort's legendary reincarnated lovers who jumped from a lighthouse to their deaths 500 years ago in this former Portuguese colony (Goa). Unfortunately Leela is now married to a powerful and ruthless drug smuggler, Brian Miranda (Gulshan Grover), who is under investigation by the Interpol Agency headed up by Olivier Labelle (Matt McCoy).

Olivier is undercover as a Jesuit priest and must battle the corrupt local police and Miranda's hired thugs in an effort to catch the defiant smuggler using his shipping operations to transport cocaine in the bellies of fish. Kenneth and Leela become the target of an all-out manhunt when Miranda learns of his wife's affair. They enlist Olivier's aid to escape certain death and join forces to set up a trap at the lighthouse.

This leads to a final confrontation between the evil Miranda and the two lovers in an explosive and action filled climax as a battle ensues between Miranda's men and the police, led by Olivier, while Miranda chases the lovers to the top of the lighthouse. It's déja vu 500 years later in the Monsoon season. Will Miranda have his revenge? Will the lovers leap to their deaths... again?


CastRichard Tyson, Matt McCoy, Jenny McShane, Doug Jeffery, Gulshan Grover
DirectorJag Mundhra
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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