To Walk With Lions

To Walk With Lions Legendary conservationist George Adamson of ''Born Free'' fame (played by Richard Harris) runs a lion rehabilitation programme in Kenya.

A wild, penniless, young Englishman called Tony Fitzjohn (John Michie) becomes his assistant and together they take dozens of captive lions from around the world and return them to the wild. George, childless, finds a son in Tony. As an orphan, Tony finds the father and love he never had.

This action / adventure movie depicts the growing brutality of poachers and the danger to the lions from the local herdsmen. The events in the film are based on fact, including George Adamson's murder in 1989 by warring ''shifta'' bandits in puruit of his land.

pg Parental Guidance (Violence)
108 minutes

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CastRichard Harris, John Michie, Ian Bannan, Kerry Fox
DirectorCarl Schultz
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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