Kimberly Some buddies bar hop, some play hoop or golf -- Michael, Bob, Walter and Scott row. They aren't great rowers, but they have a good time. They get a little exercise and mostly talk about the important things in life -- women.

All is well between these best friends, until one day on the river they see a living vision -- Kimberly. Not only is Kimberly beautiful, but she is smart, funny, a great rower and most importantly, SINGLE. After they convince her to help them improve their rowing skills so they can compete in the annual Regetta, each friend wants to spend time with her.

Only Kimberly's best friend, Sara, knows what's going on. Things only get complicted when, oh dear, Kimberly gets pregnant. Now the fivesome must work together and figure if, when, and how they are going to have a baby!

Will this split up their friendship or will it make them closer, and who, if anyone, is the father and will wind up with Kimberly?

That's only for the audience to find out.


CastGabrielle Anwar, Sean Astin, Molly Ringwald, Jason Lewis, Robert Mailhouse, Chris Rydell
DirectorFrederic Golchan
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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