Doomsdayer As a mission specialist for a covert international organisation, Protocol 23, Jack Logan tracks down weapons of mass destruction before they fall into the wrong hands.

An undercover mission in war-torn Eastern Europe reveals a new and powerful explosive capable of triggering a nuclear detonation and he is tasked with finding its source by the head of Protocol 23, Valentin Daly, before it can become a threat.

But it is already too late... On the other side of the world, billionaire Max Gast and his deadly wife, Elizabeth have devised a weapon, the Doomsdayer, to trigger the meltdown of every nuclear power plant on Earth, creating a holocaust that will sweep away the old world order they despise.

And the seven-day countdown has begun.


CastBrigitte Nelsen, Udo Kier, Joe Lara, January Isaac, TJ Storm, Alexa Jago
DirectorMichael John Sarna
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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