Morgan's Ferry

Morgan's Ferry Three escaped convicts are on the run with the law in hot pursuit, and a mysterious young woman, determined to escape her past. They all come together to confront their fates at a place called Morgan's Ferry.

Monroe, Sam and Darcy, are three escapees trying to leave more than their prison clothes behind. As the three make their way through the bayou, they fight the swamp, the weather, the ever closer sheriff and themselves.

Eluding detection just long enough to avoid captivity, they come upon a run down house with a curious array of gravestones off in the distance. Evidence of desperate lives of several generations of the Carpenter family. Including the grave dug many years before in anticipation of the death of the last member of the family, Vonnie. But Vonnie is not like the others.

And her steely, quiet strength is about to be put to it's greatest test. It will also change the lives of the three men who intrude on her solitude, forever.


CastBilly Zane, Kelly McGillis, Henry Rollins, Johnny Galecki
DirectorSam Pillsbury
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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