Restaurant Chris Calloway, an aspiring playwright stuck in a New Jersey restaurant has just gone off the wagon. He calls his ex-girlfriend, Leslie and berates her for sleeping with his friend Kenny, a handsome actor and fellow restaurant employee.

Upon learning this unfortunate news at a post-work party, he attacks Kenny in front of all their friends and co-workers. Amongst them is Jeannine, a cute aspiring African-American singer and new employee at the restaurant.

Drawn to Chris, Jeannine follows when he storms out of the party. The two quickly grow close and soon have their first sexual encounter. Unlike Chris' previous girlfriend, the more conservative Leslie, Jeannine rushes into the relationship. Chris is stuck in Pergatory.

The memory of Leslie also affects his new relationship with Jeannine on many levels. Along the way, racial politics at the restaurant are putting Chris at odds with himself. The tensions gradually force everyone to come to terms with how they see their lives, potential careers, and personal relationships.


CastAdrien Brody, Elise Neal, David Moscow, Simon Baker-Denny, Jesse L.Martin, Lauryn Hill, Catherine Kellner
DirectorEric Bross
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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