Britannic VERA CAMPBELL, one of the few survivors from the Titanic, must face her demons four years later. She boards the ship under the guise of governess for LADY LEWIS, wife of the British Amabassador to Greece. Working undercover for British Intelligence, she must identify a German spy believed to be on board.

Assuming the identity of CHAPLAIN REYNOLDS, the spy finds arms hidden aboard the ship, a violation of the rules of war.

Now enemies and lovers must confront each other in a deadly game of deception. Vera discovers Reynold's true identity with the help of CAPTAIN BARRET. She must do whatever it takes to stop him. In a shattering climax, a bomb detonates, sending the Britannic to a watery grave.

10 No persons under 10 (Violence)
93 minutes


CastJacqueline Bisset, Edward Atterton, John Rhys-Davies, Amanda Ryan, Bruce Payne
DirectorBrian Trenchard-Smith
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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