Price Of Glory

Price Of Glory The PRICE OF GLORY is a fast-paced, griffy drama of life in the cutthroat world of professional boxing -- a world where ambition can tear families apart and winning is all that counts.

The victim of a boxing scam in his youth, Arturo Ortega transfers his shattered dreams of winning the World Title onto his three sons, Sonny, Jimmy and Johnny. Fuelled by his suppressed bitterness and disgust with the boxing world politics and power structure, Ortega throws his tortured soul into training his sons himself.

As the boys mature into men their relationships with their father become strained. The sons try desperately to appease their father while struggling with the expectations and insecurities of maturing in a mentally and socially pressured enviroment. And to further strain their bonds, Nick Everson, an aggressive sports promotions manager, goes after the Ortegas with promises of instant riches and fame.

pg Parental Guidance (Language)
115 minutes

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CastJimmy Smits, Jon Seda, Ernesto Hernández, Clifton Collins Jr., Maria Del Mar
DirectorCarlos Ávila
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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