Layover Dan Morrison is an average man with a rocky marriage, a demanding career and the relentless stress of a life at the beginning of the 21st century. Every month he flies to Tokyo on business and always has a layover in San Francisco.

On this flight Dan has met Roy Dennis, an effusive and opinionated jeweler who deals with millions of dollars in diamonds. They drink, laugh and form a fast friendship. At the lounge Dan meets Vicki who is the epitome of his sexual fantasies. Dan and Vicki have an instant connection.

In one of the airports ''lost luggage'' rooms, they have the kind of passionate sex most people only can dream of. Afterwards, they go their separate ways -- barely a word spoken. Dan returns to the lounge. He goes to collect his luggage where he runs into his friend from the plane.

Roy, waiting for his wife to pick him up, insists Dan accompany him and his wife for dinner and to stay with him until Dan can catch a flight out the next day. Dan accepts -- just as Roy's wife approaches.

He turns... and sees that Roy Dennis' wife is none other the Vicki -- the woman he just had sex with! She also makes it clear that Roy is an extremely jealous and dangerous man. If he found out Vicki had an affair he'd kill her... but not before killing her lover.


CastDavid Hasselhoff, Gregg Henry, Yvonne Scio, Tom Wright, Sherri Alexander
DirectorAlan McElroy
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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