My Brother, The Pig

My Brother, The Pig MY BROTHER, THE PIG is a family comedy about the sibling rivalry of GEORGE CAULDWELL and KATHY CAULDWELL. Katy struggles with the insecurities and melodrama that comes with being 14 while 8 year old George delights in playing practical jokes on her.

Trouble begins when RICHARD and DEEDEE CAULDWELL leave for France and George is turned into a pig thanks to the nanny's family secrets.

Matilda, FREUD George's best friend, Kathy, and ''GEORGE THE PIG'' adventure to Mexico to find the only woman who knows how to break the spell, Matilda's grandmother. The group soon discovers their problems are only beginning when they lose the family car and George is captured by the town butcher.

MY BROTHER, THE PIG is a funny and heartwarming tale the whole family will enjoy.

all All Ages
89 minutes


CastScarlett Johansson, Eva Mendez, Judge Reinhold, Alex D.Linx
DirectorErik Fleming
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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