Exposé Tiffany's father is a congressman running for governor. At a political rally, one of his high-powered colleagues mistakes her for a call girl, hits on her, and realizing his embarrasing mistake, gives her a sleek new convirtible to keep her quiet.

Tiffany and her friends Heather and Gina quickly realize that there is money to be made in the extortion business. They start seducing other politicians into compromising positions and videotaping them in the act.

Suddenly the girls are risking more than their reputations -- their lives are on the line. Can they escape the web of secrets hidden just beneath the surface of the most powerful men in the country?


CastTracey Tutor, Kevin E.West, Daneen Boone, Libby George
DirectorB.A. Rudnick
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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