Women Of The Night

Women Of The Night A beautiful blonde woman, Samantha ''Sam'' Thomas sends her stories out over the air waves. We can see that she is young. We can see that she is beautiful. And then, shockingly, we realise that she is blind.

She tells three stories -- a lawyer, a comedienne and an heiress, all woven seamlessly together. Stories of love, of lust, of danger and revenge. What drives a woman out alone into the night?

Charlotte. By day, a brilliant lawyer. But at night, she searches for excitement in all the wrong places. Indulging her other side, her dark side.

Molly Melon is funny. Tall, beautiful. A perfect Playboy centerfold. She does stand-up comedy routines in small clubs, looking for her big break.

The Heiress. We realise that the Heiress is Sam. And she is talking directly to one listener -- her father. He is out there. Looking for her. Dangerous. Vicious.

She buys the 18-wheeler and broadcast equipment. And she goes on the air. Her father will come after her again. He must stop her. She knows too much. And this time she wants him to, because then she can get what she wants most -- revenge. ''Catch me if you can''.


CastShawnee Free Jones, Seymour Cassel, Masaya Kato, James Farentino
DirectorZalman King
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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