Eastside ANTONIO LOPEZ has emerged from prison with a new respect for life. When ANTONIO shows up at the posh law offices where his brother works, HORARIO is stunned -- and not all too pleased to see him.

HORATIO is called away to meet with one of his clients, ARMANDO DE LA ROSA, a powerful crime boss who owns La Salsa, a popular Latin nightspot. Despite HORATIO'S insistence that ANTONIO stay home, ANTONIO can't resist the temptation to enjoy his first night as a free man, and he sneaks into the club. DE LA ROSA's rivals appear and terrorize the bar patrons, but ANTONIO's street smarts enable him to quickly disarm the would-be assassins.

Impressed with ANTONIO's quick action, DE LA ROSA rewards him with a job at the club. Both brothers soon find that they are in deep with DE LA ROSA -- to deep in fact. Caught up in two distinctly different worlds, ANTONIO is now forced to make choices that will impact his life and the lives of those around him forever.


CastMario Lopez, Elizabeth Bogush, Mark Espinoza, Gulshan Grover, Richard Lynch
DirectorLorena David
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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