The Duke

The Duke No one takes care of the commoners of Dingwall better than the village's resident nobleman, The Duke and his faithfull, slobbering hound, Hubert. The Duke happily sells his priceless paintings and furniture to raise money for the village's poor.

Horrified that his future inheritance is being sold to feed the greedy commoners, the Duke's snivelling nephew, Cecil, vows to wrest control of the estate from the Duke, fire the staff, and cancel all aid to the villagers.

On his deathbed, the Duke overhears Cecil's plans and makes the only rational choice... bequeathing his entire fortune to the loveable hound!

all All Ages
86 minutes

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CastJames Doohan, Courtnee Draper, Jeremy Maxwell, Oliver Muirhead
DirectorPhilip Spink
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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