Shanghai Noon

Shanghai Noon Hilarity and fast-paced action abound as two cultures collide in SHANGHAI NOON, a wild stunt-filled action-adventure comedy featuring death-defying international hero Jackie Chan (Rush Hour), Owen Wilson (The Haunting) and Lucy Liu (Charlie's Angels).

Chan stars as Chinese Imperial Guard Chon Wang who hightails it to the wild West to rescue the beautiful kidnapped Princess Pei Pei (Liu).

When he meets up with laid-back outlaw cowboy Roy O'Bannon (Wilson), the two become the best mismatch ever made in the rough and tumble Old West, facing jail, brawls, bordellos and the vilest villains ever!

Spectacular stunts, outrageous irreverence and epic vistas reign as East meets West in a battle for honour, royalty and a fortune in gold! It's a real kick.

pg Parental Guidance (Violence)
107 minutes

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CastJackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Lucy Liu
DirectorTom Dey
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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