The Kid

The Kid International superstar Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense, Armageddon) along with Lily Tomlin (Big Business, Nine To Five),Emily Mortimer (Scream 3, Notting Hill) and newcomer Spencer Breslin star in the hilarious and heartwarming comedy DISNEY'S THE KID.

Successful, high-powered Russ Duritz (Wills) has spend all of his incredibly empty life forgetting the child he used to be -- until on day, he meets him face-to-face! Thinking he's a hallucination, Russ does everything he can to make him go away.

But 8-year-old Rusty (Breslin), who's anything but happy that he grows up to be this loser without a wife or a dog or a meaningful job, can't leave -- at least not yet. At once funny, charming and touching, DISNEY'S THE KID is a magical comedy that's filled with adult-sized laughs.

all All Ages
100 minutes

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CastBruce Willis, Spencer Breslin, Lily Tomlin, Emily Mortimer, Jean Smart, Chi McBride, Dana Ivey
DirectorJon Turteltaub
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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