The Convent

The Convent It's 1959. A car pulls up in front of the St.Francis Boarding School for Girls.

Out steps Christine: young and pretty, her eyes filled with defiance. She coolly marches into the school chapel where the nuns are in deep prayer. Mother Superior looks up... she knows. With no holes barred. Christine pulls out a sawed-off shotgun and blows away the lot of praying nuns, save for Mother Superior, and chants ''Yea, through I walk through the valley of death...'' Christine douses the room with gasoline, flicks her cigarette... and watches the nun pray as she's engulfed by flames.

It's 40 years later and St.Francis has long been shut down. The condemned building is a source for many an urban legend. A group of college students break inside to graffiti their Greek letters on the building before the big Homecoming game. When the police break up the party and evacuate the crew, one of the students, ''Mo'', manages to stay behind to avoid trouble with the police. She has an unfortunate meeting with a group of Satanists who use the building as a place of devil worship and becomes their hostage: now they now have their first human sacrifice.

The sacrifice goes horribly awry when an evil spirit possesses Mo's young body, giving life to what has lain dormant since the day Christine put it to rest forty years prior. What made Christine do what she did forty years ago? And who, if anyone, will survive?


CastJoanna Canton, Megahn Perry, Coolio, Richard Trapp, Jason Dax Miller
DirectorMike Mendez
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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