Falcon Down

Falcon Down In the early morning of January 15th, 2001, three state of the art jet fighters streak towards eastern Europe at nearly Mach IV. Serbian rader stations immediately pick them up, but before they cross into Yugoslavia air space, the planes disappear off the radar screen without a trace.

Realising the power of this new stealth technology, the United States military decides to build the biggest military project in history: the XB 1000, a one hundred billion dollar Mach VI Bomber. This plane will be capable of reaching any target in the world in less than three hours and be totally invisible to radar. Unfortunately, Congress has refused to fund the new plane. Undaunted military planners decide to secretly proceed forward with the project even though concealing a one hundred billion dollar black box project would be nearly impossible. The decision is made to build the plane as a new civilian airliner.

As the maiden flight takes off from the Boeing plant near Seattle Washington, the plane streaks north towards the arctic in a textbook Mach VI polar flight. Then, less than an hour later, as FALCON nears the Greenland ice cap, the plane disappears off the radar screen.

13 No persons under 13 (Language, Violence)
92 minutes


CastDale Midkiff, Judd Nelson, William Shatner, Cliff Robertson, Dean Biasucci, Mark Kiely
DirectorPhillip Roth
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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