Arthur's Quest

Arthur's Quest We open our story in the Dark Ages, in the midst of a fierce battle between the army of the evil Dark Knights and the forces of Uther Pendragon, King of England.

Pendragon confers with Merlin, who tells him the future survival of England will depend upon Pendragon's 5-year-old son Arthur. On Pendragon's order, Merlin uses his powers to open a whirling time portal. It will take Arthur and the magical sword Excalibur into the future to hide from the beautiful but villainous sorceress Morgana and her Dark Knights.

Merlin and Arthur are whisked through the portal to North Valley, California, late 20th Century. As Merlin plunges Excalibur into a stone for safekeeping, Arthur is discovered by Caitlan Regal, a young woman who thinks Arthur is lost.

With Arthur in safe hands, Merlin re-enters the time portal, with a promise that he will return.

pg Parental Guidance
83 minutes


CastArye Gross, Alexandra Paul, Catherine Oxenberg, Clint Howard, Eric Christian, Katie Johnston
DirectorNeil Mandt
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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