The Guilty

The Guilty Callum Crane is a high-powered lawyer on the verge of becoming a judge when, fueled by alcohol inspired lust, he commits an act that will have devastating consquences. He assaults his pretty new legal assistant, Sophie.

She subsequently threatens to expose him, to destroy both this career and his fragile relationship with his wife Natalie. In the meantime, Nathan, a young pretty criminal, dicovers that Crane is his real father and decides to find him. By a strange twist of fate, Nathan is befriended by Sophie's roommate, Tanya, after encountering her near Crane's office.

Finally, late on night, Nathan came face to face with his father after he thwarts some hoodlums about to break into Crane's car. With no idea of his rescuer's true identity, Crane desperately offers Nathan money to kill the young woman who is about to wreak havoc on his life. The dramatic and complex chain of events unleashed by this act lead to Sophie's death. Although he is innocent, Nathan finds himself an accused killer and the subject of an enormous manhunt.

Ultimately Nathan confronts Crane with his paternity and later, during a terrifyingly dramatic confrontation, forces him into a full confession. In attempting to save both his son and himself, Crane subsequently concocts a scheme that is destined both to fail and to succeed as fate deals the final ironic hand.


CastBill Pullman, Devon Sawa, Gabrielle Anwar, Joanne Whalley
DirectorAnthony Walley
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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