The Wrong Guy

The Wrong Guy Pampered, pompous and largely useless executive Nelson Hibbert is confident that his has been awarded a big promotion. But when the Chairman announces the presidency has been given to someone else, an incredulous Hibbert throws a nasty scene, hurling insults and death threats.

Still raging, he storms into the Chairman's office where he finds his boss is dead. Stabbed in the back. Hibbert turns hysterical, grabs the bloody knife, and runs screaming from the office, becoming a fugitive in his own mind. Little does he know that the real killer was video taped in the act.

Convinced that nobody would ever believe that he did not kill his boss, Hibbert goes on the run, for the wrong reasons. He's the wrong Guy.

pg Parental Guidance
95 minutes


CastDave Foley, David Higgins, Jennifer Tilly, Colm Feore
DirectorDavid Steinberg
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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