Forever Lulu

Forever Lulu In 1982 Ben Clifton and Lulu McFee were college sweethearts and in love. Liffe together was fun, but Lulu's intensity scared Ben. When Ben was accepted to the prestigious lowa Writer's Workshop, Lulu hacked off her hair and tried to kill herself with a razor, rather than live without him.

Fifteen years later with a hot career as a television screenwriter, Ben is married to a physiotherapist Claire. Their life is strained by the loss of a young child, and Claire's refusal to have another baby. Ben is startled to get a call from a residential treatment center for the mentally ill, informing him Lulu has escaped. Ben is in a meeting when Lulu calls and says she is in a bar in San Francisco.

She wants him to come get her; she will not go back to the institution. Ben agrees to meet her. When Ben meets Lulu she drops a bombshell. They have a child which she gave up for adoption.

Ben cannot process this information and calls the treatment center, causing Lulu to run.


CastMelanie Griffith, Patrick Swayze, Penelope Anne Miller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Richard Schiff, Annie Corley
DirectorJohn Kaye
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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