Muggers Brad and Gregory are medical students. Brad Forrest is a potentially gifted surgeon with a bright future and a great love of medicine. Gregory O'Reilly has no higher ambition than a money spinning practice, a wallet full of credit cards, a busty receptionist and a new Volvo.

At the moment however, they are flat broke, and heavily in debt to a local loan shark, a would-be cowboy, George Alfred ''Roy'' Rogers. Professor Lawrence, Professor of Surgery at St.Aloysius Hospital and Medical College gives the boys a second chance by allowing them to sit a crucial exam before they are kicked out of Medical School once and for all. The boys are without money, books or food and things are looking grim. Hiding out of sight Brad and Gregor learn of an illicit organ transplant scam and by a stroke of luck obtain a list of the organs in demand.

Things are starting to look really desperate when a suicide lands at their feet -- and his kidney falls into their laps.

16 No persons under 16 (Sex)
92 minutes


CastJason Barry, Guy Pearce, Matt Day
DirectorDean Murphy
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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