Believe Fourteen year old Ben Stiles loves to scare people. Unfortunately for him, the headmaster of his exclusive private school disapproves.

An elaborate ghost hoax masterminded to scare his friends results in Ben's expulsion from school. His parents are diplomats stationed in Europe and are unable to return home, so Ben must go and stay with his estranged grandfather, in the family's spooky old ancestral home, Wickwire House. Ben isn't at Wickwire very long before he encounters a ghostly figure of a crying woman that haunts the grounds of the estate.

He follows the ghost to a cemetery where she vanishes without a trace. Puzzled by this supernatural sighting, he decides to call in the expertise of a professional ghost hunter to help unravel this eerie mystery.

pg Parental Guidance
93 minutes


CastJan Rubes, Ben Gazzara, Andrea Martin, Ricky Mabe, Mario Boni, Justin Bradley
DirectorRobert Tinnell
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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