Counter Punch

Counter Punch Step into the heart of the town's treasure ... a wax museum that has been in Chris Matherson's family for generations. But a scheming developer wants to tear down the museum in order to carry out his own secret agenda.

Frustrated by his failed attempts at coercing Jennifer Matherson to sell it, Venzel decides to play dirty and hires Gregor, a notorious hood to burn it down. With a burst of raw courage Chris and his unlikely friend Bobby discover the plot and decide to turn the tables on the thugs.

What follows is a fast and furious fight for their lives!

pg Parental Guidance (Violence)
86 minutes


CastJohn Heard, Patrick Thomas, Susie Almgren, Christopher Heyerdahl
DirectorGeoffrey Edwards
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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