Message In A Cellphone

Message In A Cellphone Somewhere in Las Vegas a mysterious man rushes into a motel room, picks up the phone and dials frantically. Two hours way at a small desert resort Felix Reiser's cellphone begins to ring.

But Felix is sound asleep next to the swimming pool and his heavy snoring drowns out the incessant ringing. The mysterious caller is forced to leave a message with a warning. He screams into the phone -- ''FELIX! AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS MESSAGE -- ERASE IT!''. This is a story of a deadly race against time.

Can three kids outsmart the enemy, crack the code and find out what the message is before they are discovered by the desperate men who will stop at nothing until they destroy the cellpone and erase the incriminating message?

79 minutes


CastNick Whitaker, James Laub, Robbi Merrill, Rick Macy,
DirectorEric hendershot
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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