Guardian Deep in the desert, an American archaeological team toils in the ruins of an ancient city, seeking proof that they have discovered the lost city of the Sumerians.

The leader of the team, Dr.Aaron Lichtmann, believes he has found that evidence -- a sarcophagus bearing an inscription that includes the names of the Babylonian God of Death, Tel-Al, a demon believed by scholars to be the prototype of Satan. What Dr. Lichtmann doesn't know is that the sarcophagus is not a monument, but a prison.

Purveying the site on a recon mission, U.S. Marine Sergeant John Kross (MARIO VAN PEEBLES) watches as the sarcophagus is opened and the Sumerian demon Tel-Al is unleased, wreaking havoc on the surrounding troop. Amidst the ensuring chaos, the archaeologist's pregnant wife gives birth at their base camp nearby , only to see her newborn son abducted by a mysterious woman, Selene, who disappears into the desert night.

Days later, Kross awakens in a hospital to find that he is the sole survivor of the massacre. Oddly, strange scars resembling symbols appear ingrained into his own skin.

88 minutes


CastMario Van Peebles, Ice T, Karina Lombard, John Terlesky
DirectorJohn Terlesky
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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