Mr.Headmistress Things are not what they seem at the Rawlings Academy for Girls. Instead of a stately safe haven to educate young women, it's turned into a hideout for a professional con man! Harland Williams (The Whole Nine Yards, Wag The Dog) stars as Tucker, who disguises himself as Rawlings' new female headmistress, in his plot to steal the school's cash and evade a pair of deadly thugs determined to do him in! Meanwhile, the jealous Assistant Headmistress ''Dirty'' Harriet (Katey Sagal from TV's ''Married With Children'') is conniving against Tucker, whose scariest challenge is surviving a never-ending onslaught of practical jokes from the school's #1 student prankster!

The entire family will love laughing and learning along with MR. HEADMISTRESS for a madcap semester that changes everyone for the better!

85 minutes


CastHarland Williams, Katey Sagal, Shawna Waldron, Duane Martin, Joel Brooks, Lori Hallier
DirectorJames Frawley
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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