Unbreakable Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense, Armageddon) and Samuel L. Jackson (Die Hard: With A Vengeance, Pulp Piction) star in a mind-shattering, suspense-filled thriller that stays with you long after the end of this riveting supernatural film.

When David Dunn (Willis) emerges from a horrific train crash as the sole survivor -- and without a single scratch on him -- he meets a mysterious stranger (Jackson) who will change David's life forever.

Interrupting his life at odd moments, it's Elijah Price's presence and probing that force David to confront his destiny on a journey of self-discovery and purpose that will absolutely stun you with its power.

10 No persons under 10 (Violence)
91 minutes

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CastBruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Wright, Spencer Treat Clark, Charlayne Woodard
DirectorM. Night Shyamalan
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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