Free Enterprise

Free Enterprise With a combination of the hip L.A. romantic milieu of ''Swingers'', the pop culture sophistication of ''Clerks'' and the comic hijnks of ''My Favourite Year'' comes a wonderful, contemporary comedy.

Mark and Robert are not your average best friends. Careening towards the big 3-0, these would-be filmakers and zealous Trekkers fill their frenetic lives with work, women and sci-fi action figures.

When Mark and Robert meet their idol, William Shatner, at a bookstore, their illusions are quickly shattered. Instead of the charming, Heroic Captain Kirk of their dreams, Shatner is a boozing womaniser hawking a one-man musical version of ''Julius Caesar''.

We follow Mark and Robert, along with their maniac, freaky friends, through ''their'' L.A. -- a world of bars, comic book stores, beaches, midnight movies and occasional Toys R Us excursions.

10 No persons under 10 (Language)
111 minutes


CastRafer Weigel, Erik McCormack, Audie England, Patrick Van Horn, Phil LaMarr, William Shatner
DirectorRobert Meyer Burnett
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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