Bratty Babies

Bratty Babies Precocious two-year olds Billy and Tina have devised a plan to bring their single parents, Todd (Hamlin) and Michelle (Rinna) together.

Both kids attend the Winchester Day Care Center where the cantankerous Granny Winchester is usually busy counting stacks of money in her basement, leaving the kids' care to her young niece.

When two slack-jawed opportunists, Ed and Wendell, discover Granny's secret cash stash, they disguise themselves as exterminators and pay her a visit.

Eager to get their hands on the loot, the dimwitted burglars search Granny's home but are not prepared to fall prey to the meddling babies who set a string of hysterical booby traps for the intruers!

pg Parental Guidance
88 minutes


CastLisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, Frances Bay, Michael Roberds
DirectorF. Harvey Frost
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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