Gangland In the year 2031 the apocalypse has caused the break down of modern civilization. All communications are down and the major cities are in shambles.

There is no more law and the streets are ruled by Ganglanders. These are basically the most hardcore of criminals from modern day society that have survived on the streets. They are now organized and led by Lucifer (VINCENT KLYN), a malevolent ruler that calls himself their president.

He has turned civilians into his prisioners and slaves. Life has been cut short by a black plague that has engulfed the land after the fall out. Lucifer holds the renowned scientist, Dr. Adams (TIM THOMERSON), prisoner and forces him to devise a cure for the plague. Lucifer wants to own the cure to make his leadership invincible. Jared (COSTAS MANDYLOR), a military man who's family was killed by Lucifer's evil henchman, Damien, has been sent in from Phoenix to get Dr. Adams out is aided by rebel civilians Derek (SASHA MITCHELL) and Alexis (KATHLEEN KINMONT).

They wage a war on Lucifer and his army of Ganglanders in an attempt to destroy his evil reign and bring the cure for the plague back to Phoenix.

90 minutes


CastCostas Mandylor, Sasha Mitchell, Kathleen Kinmont, Tim Thomerson, Vincent Klyn, Jennifer Gareis
DirectorArt Camachoa
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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