King Of The World

King Of The World KING OF THE WORLD chronicles the life of the wildly charismatic Muhammad Ali, who many regard with reverence as ''The Greatest''.

The film depicts the transformation from Cassius Clay to Mohammad Ali, his rise through the boxing ranks to become Golden Gloves Champion, his triumph as Olympic Gold Medallist and ultimately World Champion. Liston, knows as ''The Bear'', was the most feared heavyweight of his time, and Clay was a loudmouthed upstart with the odds against him when he knocked Liston out in a stunning upset the boxing world would never forget.

pg Parental Guidance
85 minutes


CastTerrence Howard, Steve Harris, John Ventimucilia, Chi McBride, Vyto Ruginis
DirectorJohn Sacret Young
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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